Wondering what happens at Edcamp?

We asked the Edcamp Barrie 2014 participants to tell us about their experience:

Just learning from other teachers is amazing! The idea of the "sage on the stage" is quashed when you realize everyone has something to contribute. I seek to bring the same atmosphere of open contribution and supportive learning to my own classroom.

Collaborating with inquiring minds!

What a great atmosphere! So many great people to connect with - lots of different perspectives and ideas.

Meeting twitter friends. The goosebump moments in the sessions.

I really liked the format of being able to group teachers with common interests, and the variety of topics surrounding education. I liked the student keynote speakers, and their insight into education. Also, the chance to learn new ideas from other teachers that have tried the things I want to do.

Being able to choose my sessions, learned what I wanted to and now imagining the possibilities!

Loved having students present! Loved the discussions.

Enjoyed talking tech and new ideas with similarly motivated people. I wasn't trying to convince anyone that something would be great if they tried it. Everyone was open to learning. I appreciated the fact that senior admin participated as learners.

Learning from each other....absolutely amazing!  Well done, well done, well done!!  I cannot wait to head back to school on Monday and share with colleagues....they missed out!

The openness of all the sessions and the sharing of resources was great, relevant and re-energizing!