Edcamp Barrie: A Day of Collaborative Learning

Edcamp is an innovative model for professional learning that begins with the question “What do you want to learn about today?”. When participants arrived at Edcamp Barrie there was no session schedule yet because we built it together, based on interests.

Creation of the Edcamp Barrie Session Schedule
At Edcamp Barrie every educator in the room had the opportunity to contribute to the wall of ideas by sharing their interests, passions and questions.

picture by Patrick Camire
Students Sharing their Thinking
While the planning team organized the ideas and questions by themes, participants listened to three SCDSB students share their thoughts about learning. The students described their learning environment and shared a variety of ideas, from outdoor learning to #DPAaday and how they use technology in the classroom. It was inspiring to hear them describe the journey of how they have become a community of learners.

Educators Voting on their Interests
picture by Melissa Oliver
Next, participants were asked to vote on the themes to determine the session topics. As learners approached the idea wall to vote with their stickers, you could hear and feel the excitement as new connections were made and ideas were already being shared.

Finally, the planning team organized the themes into a session schedule that reflected the choices of the participants. While the session board was being created, participants were engaged in hearing more student voice from the Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic District School Board. These innovative students shared how they are using Google tools to collaborate, how they make their thinking visible and even answered questions from the audience!

Educator Choice!
Once the session board was created, educators chose what sessions they wanted to attend. At Edcamp sessions are conversation based, which provides an opportunity for everyone in the room to share their ideas and resources. Some learners chose to listen and share ideas in the collaborative notes or on Twitter. If you want to learn more about any of the topics discussed at Edcamp Barrie you can click the title links on the session board to read each session's collaborative notes or view the summary of #edcampbarrie tweets.

For more information about Edcamp Barrie and to hear when we announce the next event, follow @EdcampB on Twitter.

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Edcamp Barrie

Reason 10: It’s Free
  • There is no conference fee to attend Edcamp.

Reason 9: Participate
  • Edcamps are attendee-driven, so you can have an active role by proposing a session topic, voting on proposed topics, choosing what sessions to attend and how you want to participate in each session (sharing your ideas in a session or facilitate a session). You have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and you do not have to be the expert, just open to learning.  
  • Participate in the SLAM event and share an idea you have learned during the day (a SLAM is an opportunity to share an idea or tool with the entire Edcamp group in two minutes or less).

Reason 8: Relevant
  • At Edcamp every attendee has the opportunity to contribute to the organization and types of sessions that will be offered. This makes the sessions relevant to the attendees, maximizing the learning opportunity for everyone.

Reason 7: Learn Together
  • Edcamp is social and free to attend, bring a friend and learn together!

Reason 6: Diversity of Thought

Reason 5: Choice
  • At Edcamp you have the freedom to explore the idea of “voting with your feet”. When sessions do not meet your needs, you can get up and attend a different one!

Reason 4: Collaboration
  • Each session will have a collaborative Google Doc so you can share your learning, link resources and learn from others. If you can’t decide between two sessions, check out the collaborative Google Doc later to read about the learning and check out linked resources that were shared.

Reason 3: Prizes from our Sponsors  
  • Come to Edcamp Barrie for your chance to win prizes such as a Dash Robot from Logics Academy, Tiggly Word (toys that interact with your tablet) from Tiggly, one of two 1-Year pro subscriptions to Zaption, and more!

Reason 2: Connections
  • Build new relationships with other educators who have similar interests or connect in person with people you follow on Twitter.

Reason 1: New Ideas
  • Be inspired by innovative ideas, shared by passionate educators like you!